Principal Investigator  

Dr Iza Kavedžija

Artistic collaboration and co-curation

Kaori Yoshikawa is a multidisciplinary artist and poet who works with voice, movement, mixed media, and moving image. Having run galleries in Osaka City and hosted events such as talks and performances, Kaori divides her time between curation, teaching, translation and creation. She was born in Japan and raised in the UK.

Podcast co-production

Dr Robert Simpkins is a social anthropologist interested in how creative arts and acts are involved in the negotiation of self, social connection, and wellbeing. He is currently writing his book manuscript, based upon two years of research with street musicians in the Koenji neighbourhood of Tokyo. He explores the role of public performance in the context of the disappearance of regular and well-compensated work, loneliness and isolation, and the disparity between the musicians’ expectations of a good life, and their lived realities. The book also addresses issues of concern in urban space, music, sound and soundscapes, the body and gender studies.